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Tips for Raising Your Credit Score

Right now, your credit score may not be high enough to help you acquire the vehicle you want from Porsche Monterey. Fortunately, credit scores can be improved.

A good first step is simply committing to paying your bills on time. You can schedule payments in advance using your bank's online tools, for example. Automating your bill payments prevents late notices, which can show up on your credit report.

Also, it's easy to monitor your credit. Multiple credit monitoring apps keep you aware of changes to your score. Some apps include tools that can help you improve your score…

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Refinancing and Trading In Used Cars Offers Many Benefits

Here at Porsche Monterey, we enjoy helping our customers and other drivers get the most value out of their vehicles. While many modern vehicles are durable and long-lasting, there eventually comes a day when they begin to lose value. This value loss may be due to both age or condition, but drivers of older cars can recoup some of these lost dollars if they either trade in or refinance their vehicles. That said, both value saving measures offer different sets of benefits.

Trading in vehicles in can come in handy in a variety of situations. 
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End of Lease Options at Porsche Monterey

Each time you hear you could have equity in a leased vehicle, people are astounded and confounded. Drivers who got into the habit of handing over their old keys and getting another lease regularly never check for other options. Toward the end of the lease period, you have three choices:

  • Leave the lease: You will owe mileage charges if related, and any excess wear and tear charges.
  • Exchange the vehicle for a new lease: You can exchange it for any new model you want, and you are not obligated to return to the same dealership you leased it from.
  • Buy…
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Discover the Anticipated Total Cost of Ownership

Almost everybody in developed societies has access to a vehicle for personal use. If not, someone in their household likely does. While people that live in metropolitan areas can often rely on public transportation, those outside of these crowded areas generally must have direct access to a vehicle to live independently. Even though they're important to have, you should never fail to consider how much a vehicle actually costs to own. Here are several of the most common costs associated with owning a car:


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Should You Lease Your Next Porsche?



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If you wish you could keep up with the brand new Porsche models that our favorite German automaker cooks up and drive a new vehicle every few years, we can't say we blame you.

It can be tough watching Porsche improve its lineup without being able to regularly partake in the fun. That's one of the many reasons why leasing your next Porsche model could be the right choice for you.

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Porsche = Perfect Summertime Drive

The day is sunny and bright. You’ve taken a day off of work to clean out the garage. Instead, you find yourself swept up in a daydream: one in which you’re zooming over open country roads and tight city streets in a beautifully crafted Porsche.

Did your dream car look anything like this?

At Porsche of Monterey we don’t blame you. There’s nothing we like to chat about more than cars and think that Jay Leno has pretty much the perfect job.

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